Certified Job Evaluation Expert

Develop a structured understanding of job architecture, job evaluation methodologies, Aon’s JobLink tool and Linkages to HR processes

Start Date: 24 August, 2022
Course Duration: 8 weeks
SHRM Credits: 19

Weekly time commitment: 2-3 hours
Course fee: USD 800
HRCI Credits: 19

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Target Learners

Compensation and Benefits Professionals:
Identify the triggers for job evaluation and understand the its process to effectively govern & lead the job evaluation exercise

HR Business Partner:
Understand the job evaluation process, have effective conversation on jobs, grades & create transition plans

OD/ OE Professionals:
Familiarize yourself with job analysis & job evaluation process to identify overlaps of jobs & identify gaps in organization structure

Talent Management Professionals:
Understand job evaluation process to effectively use its output in careers succession planning, & performance management

Core Belief



Navigate your Journey
Understand the Job Evaluation lifecycle and the skills required to drive Internal Equity in your organization


Job Architecture
Conduct Job Analysis and Job Documentation for unique roles, and appreciate how jobs connect to HR paradigms


Job Evaluation
Understand triggers and process of job evaluation to deploy the most suitable approach for your organization


Aon’s JobLink
Deploy point-factor method by scoring jobs on various compensation factors in alignment with Aon’s Job Link™ Tool


Grade Structure
Club similar sized jobs into grades, levels or bands; enable effective communication and seamless transition of colleagues


Linkage to other HR Process
Link Job Evaluation outcomes with Pay Design, Performance Management, Career Planning and Organization Effectiveness

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 Learning Resources


Webcasts by Aon consultants on application essentials  

5 Webinars  


Interactive E-learnings to understand key concepts  

8 Reckoners

DIY Kits

Practical Activities

3 Hours


Individual case studies with detailed debrief webinars  

4 assignment


LMS enabled leader board to review your progress  

Continuous tool

Build & Assess 

Quizzes to evaluate your understanding  

MCQ-based Assessments